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Employee Training/ Safety

Employee Training/ Safety

The JDI Safety Program, Work Safe and Everybody Wins, is a team built lottery program that focuses on preventing safety violations and rewards our employees for staying injury and accident free while working. With no reportable accidents or injuries for the past five years, Jim Dobbas, Inc. continues to focus on safety awareness to maintain our outstanding safety rating.

All Jim Dobbas, Inc. employees are safety trained to meet OSHA industry standards. The training topics include, wearing the correct personal protective equipment for each job, and using the proper tools for the job, as well as equipment maintenance and proper operation.

In addition, our employees are trained in spill control measures for hazardous materials and storm water pollution prevention. JDI training is an on-going process that includes mandatory safety tailgate meetings and annual refresher courses. 
As an emergency response contractor for class 1 railroads, our training also includes a background screening on all employees and enrollment in E-Rail Safe. Completion of this program ensures that all of our employees have mastered the railroad’s strict safety requirements for working on railroad equipment and property.