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Heavy Equipment Services

Heavy Equipment Services

We are a heavy equipment contractor providing clients with services in demolition, drift clearing, rip rap work, as well as tunnel and bridge repair or construction. Our equipment for this type of work includes excavators with metal shears, concrete hammers and pulverizers, loaders, dozers and trucks for debris removal.

Full Service Trucking Jim Dobbas, Inc. fleet includes 5 and 9 axle lowbeds, end dumps, bottom dumps, flatbed and stretch configurations, as well as specially equipped trailers to haul 89’ railroad flatcars.

Fire Prevention and Suppression JDI operates a fleet of water trucks, including a hyrail water truck, to provide fire protection and dust control at our job sites. All trucks are hydrant or suction load capable and are equipped with a 1.5” fire hose. Several of the trucks are also equipped with high pressure monitors.